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Way of Light 5K

The first 5K of the year for me happened at 5 pm on January 1st - so, not a bad start. One of my good jogging friends and I ran the Way of Light 5K at the National Our Lady of the Snow Shrine. During the holiday season, the Shine decorated the road with tons of white lights. I had only driven it once, and it was pretty from a car, but even better on foot.

I love being in different areas and being able to look around. The path was just light enough with Christmas lights to be magical, but not treacherous. This was the 15th annual run and if you want to join next year, it would be good to know in advance that there are some long rather steep hills, but otherwise, it's a pretty easy run and there were plenty of walkers. 

Before and after the race we were able to stay in the Welcome Center. It was nice and toasty in there with a few public restrooms. Before the run we stood in the building and waited with the other runners, and after, we went to pick up my friend's medal for placing. (I am, of course, just there for the friendship, lights, a nice brisk jog, and the shirt). 

When I was running, I started wondering if this race had ever been canceled due to weather. It was cold that evening, but it was dry and not icy. Running in the cold just requires gloves, a neck cover, a headband with ear covers, long cold-weather running pants and shirt, and my puffy vest. Layers are very important. You can run in the cold - just not the ice, that is dangerous - just a little jogging tip from this consistent slightly-over-10-minute-mile runner. 

Happy New Year, it's going to be a good one!!!

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