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February brought us a cold month and the end of football season. I have always loved all sports, especially football and being a Monday morning quarterback - mainly because I only vaguely know the rules and positions. I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan for life, so when they, or as I like to say we, are out of the running for a shot at the Super Bowl, I simply root for the NFL.

All during football season on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and sometimes Saturdays, my workout motivation comes from being on "the team." I imagine myself warming-up for the big game, feeling as if my team depends on me. I have never actually stepped foot on a football field during a game, so my dreams end at sitting on the bench. More motivation would be needed to make this my best workout possible.

I was not going for any one team this year once the Cowboys were out, I was going for everyone and no one, and waiting for the very possible and impossible to happen. It was very possible that the commercials would be good, and if not good, at least they would be different - variety is the spice of life. It was also very possible that they would show Taylor Swift and a red team would win.

Waiting for the impossible can also be fun. I have hoped that the Cowboys would be in the Super Bowl every year since I was very, very young. I would fantasize that even if we didn’t often win playoff games, maybe they would still let us play. I am also a thousand percent rooting for no one to get hurt. Football is dangerous and I watch the game with the anxiety of a worried mother. Hope it was a good safe game, and there is always next year for the Cowboys! 

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