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Turkey maker

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

This Thanksgiving, I did not do a Turkey Trot like I have in the past. I was hosting, so I was too concerned about the giant bird in the oven to enjoy doing a 5K. I decided to stick to my normal Thursday easy-20-minute cardio day and then get to work making pounds and pounds of food.

I have only hosted and made the turkey probably a handful of times… it has been years. I appreciated my guests' willingness to eat something when I really had no idea what I was doing. I was not overly confident in my turkey-making abilities, but the internet is very helpful, so I gave it a go.

Well, I made the turkey. I don’t feel like it was any better or worse than I have done in the past. It is difficult to get better at something you only do once every five years. Funny story, I also almost dropped the turkey! I had completely forgotten how heavy 15 pounds is - or overestimated how strong I am. Overall, I would give the company a "10" and the turkey a "7.5."

Picture is of the trails of Glen Carbon in late fall. Beautiful and chilly.

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