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The placer and the participator

This month's blog is about a 5K I participated in with three of my friends. The run took place in Belleville and the shirt said, “Runs Miles, Drink Wine, Support Charities." I am unsure what charity this run supported, but I hope it was for a great cause.

I was pretty impressed that three of my friends turned out - I don’t think I have ever gotten three friends to do a 5K with me all at the same time. It is sometimes easier to twist the arms of my sisters, but in this case none of us were related, making it an even more interesting feat. I really appreciated the camaraderie, sisterhood, or whatever one would call four women running a 5k together but separate on a Saturday morning.

I have done several 5Ks with one of my girlfriends who came. Most of the time it is just us two, so we stay together. It is almost impossible to run four across during a fun race of that size, so we all started together, split up quickly, met at the finish line, and took a post-race picture.

One of my running friends won our gender/age division, which is competitive! She was also the second-place female overall! I like to think I helped because I didn’t hold her back. =) It was great seeing her get her special medal - she is fast and desires the extra bling. It was a beautiful morning running with some awesome women, and I got to ride home with a champion.

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