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Over the Mississippi River

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

This month’s blog focuses on my experience at The Chain of Rocks Bridge Run hosted by Spewak, a local St. Louis running group. This run was a bit more competitive than I am used to, but the views could not be beat. I should have known it was going to be a fierce run by the lack of “apple,” “pumpkin,” “turkey,” or “wine” in the Fun Run title.

The Chain of Rocks Bridge is one of my favorite walking locations in the Metro East. I found it right when I moved here and love going there with different friends, family members, visitors, or locals. One of the main reasons I like walking the bridge is because I have always loved history, and the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge was part of Route 66. Imagine all the people who have crossed this bridge in cars and on foot.

Crossing over the bridge, you also get to look at what appears to be two medieval castles, but are actually just cute water intake towers. (I know, it doesn’t sound as cool). For me the bridge is also a very beautiful and spiritual place to cross because you are going over so much flowing water. I find the water simultaneously humbling and empowering.

The run started on the Illinois side, ran over to Missouri and back again. Nothing like the adventure of jogging to a different state! On my way back to Illinois, when the crowd had thinned out a bit, I was being consistently passed. I started to think about another competitive run I did about eight years ago called the Harbor Half in Corpus Christi, Texas. This run - ironically enough - also went over a bridge. If there is an absence of food or drink in the title it is a hint that you are about to participate in a competitive run (crossing over a bridge is a dead giveaway). Great job to The 2023 Chain of Rocks 6K that was able to donate $6000 to St. Louis City League to fund their middle school cross country season. Glad I could be a part of it!

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