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Lunchtime Vegan

For this month’s blog I thought I would share a new trend I am doing (that I also made up). My new thing is being a Lunchtime Vegan. What is a lunchtime vegan, you may ask? Well, quite simply, it’s just being a vegan for an hour or so sometime around lunch. The purpose of this new venture may be as self-explanatory as the name of the trend; I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables during the day. By giving it a name, I am more likely to remember to stick to my goal of incorporating produce in my routine. This undertaking has also had a side benefit as well, as it has become more important to eat a balanced and filling breakfast. Being a Lunchtime Vegan is way less restrictive than being a fully practicing vegan. First of all, I only practice during lunch and after all, when is lunch? I have had lunch at 10:15, and I have had lunch at 2:30. It is the most vague mealtime, in my opinion. There were many other meals to choose from: breakfast, brunch, dunch, lunch, fourth meal, late night snack - just to name a few. Lunchtime vegans never take themselves too seriously, after all it is only lunch. And there is always tomorrow if you become a cheating lunchtime vegan. Another benefit is I have been forced to be more creative. I had never Googled "are Flaming Hot Cheetos vegan" before, but it is always good to be curious and learn new information. They aren’t, in case you were wondering; I know - disappointing. Try something new, be imaginative, and have a great Labor Day to close out another beautiful summer!

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