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Giving back

My business was able to sponsor Glen Carbon Elementary's Might Miners PTO last month. I was way too excited to donate to my kids’ school and it made me reflect on why. I remember being a kid in grade school and thought when I grew up, I wanted to be one of those parents that got their names on a sign for contributing. I also wanted to be one of those moms that made homemade perfectly-decorated cookies for my kids’ class when it was their birthdays. Thanking my lucky stars that isn’t allowed in American school now. I guess my younger self wasn’t planning on sleeping either.

When I started my business, I never thought it was a life goal, just something I fell into, but this moment made me think maybe this was part of a long-forgotten childhood goal of mine. Giving to the community I live in and love was certainly a goal - not necessarily the business to do it with. I am proud of my little business and of course the families that put up with it, and the community I choose to live in. Little goals lead to big goals and the fulfillment of childhood dreams. I am going to try to attack one day this month with the energy and spirit of a ten-year-old…goals.

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