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First Time Hiker

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I am creating a new blog focused on body and mind wellness. Every month I will focus on an experience that connects the mind and body, boosting confidence and motivation. I am a professional clinical counselor in the Metro East of St. Louis and strongly believe in the making your life what you want it.

I moved to the Midwest from sunny South Texas four years ago. The two items I got before I arrived were a raincoat and hiking boots. As anyone from the area knows, I have definitely gotten good use of my raincoat. Nelly wasn’t lying, it actually rains ALL DAY here. My hiking boots on the other hand have sat in my closet.

The hiking boots, now with dust and tags on them, finally got some use when my St. Louis BFF texted me and said she was going hiking with a woman’s group on a Sunday morning. The ‘She Hikes! St. Louis Women’s Hiking Group’ sets up local hikes regularly. We met about twenty other women at the Creve Coeur Bootlegger Trail and went on a four-mile hike.

Was it the most intense workout ever? No. Did my friend and I go to one of the yummiest St. Louis brunch spots after? Of course. I believe one of the bigger parts of bridging the gap between mental health and physical wellness is to take the pressure off yourself and enjoy being active. It felt great to go on an active adventure and rip the tags off.

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