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Firecracker fun run

This month's blog will focus on the Summer Sizzlers Series hosted by Bodi. My St. Louis BFF texted me about doing this series. I enjoy that the summer offers more fun runs - there were three runs in this series. All of runs were over 5k, and along or over the river. With each run getting progressively hotter, I now understand the term "Sizzlers" in the title!

The run in the series that took place this month was the second one. The Firecracker Four Mile was around Creve Coeur Lake, scheduled for bright and early on a Sunday morning. I only considered turning around and not participating a few times, but I wanted the shirt and the medal. I also wasn’t the one driving to the run, so there is that. The run was HOT but doable.

After I finished the race and was waiting for my friend, they made an announcement that on the bottom of our bibs there was a coupon for a free ice cream. I had officially found my people. What does everyone who just finished a four mile run on a hot and humid morning want besides an ice cream? I was surprised they were handing out full-sized ice creams of your choice - a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

I got a full-sized drumstick, and despite how hot it was, without my kids to help eat it, I was not able to finish. I actually really hate wasting food, but I try to give myself a little bit of slack. The last run in the series is in late August. Will the weather be any cooler?!? We will see!

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