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Cold, rainy, and cute

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

With the weather warming up, 5K season is here and the critters are out. In April, I ran McKendree University’s 7th Annual Sports Management Charitable 5K, Race for Love. This race raised money for Leaps for Love, a charity that supports families whose children are battling cancer. The 5K took place in Lebanon, Illinois on a wet morning.

The race started at eight, so I was up around dusk to get ready. The night before, some pretty bad storms came through, so I didn’t sleep the best. However, I could not be happier when I saw a mommy fox and two babies in my backyard. The threesome looked a little damp but the babies were still play-fighting with each other, so cute. I quietly watched them for ten minutes before they ran away, and I seriously had to start getting ready. The 5K was cold and rainy, not the best day, but April is hit or miss as far as weather is concerned. One of my father’s many sayings is don’t be a fair weather fan. The race started and finished at The Hett the Center for Art on the McKendree University campus. My friend and I ran the race as well as we could and went home to dry off and warm up.

The day was cold and rainy, but as I was running by myself (because my friend passed me), I thought about the foxes and those small moments that make up life. If a race sponsoring childhood cancer teaches you anything, life is short and time is fleeting. Slow down and smell the roses, watch the foxes, connect with friends and family, or run in the rain - whatever makes you tick.

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